Access that Accelerates Outcomes

What revolutionary new therapies might emerge if researchers had access to resources, services and expertise across the entire Texas Medical Center. The TMC Clinical Research institute was created to find out.

The TMC Clinical Research Institute provides researchers with a single, virtual front door to everything that TMC offers. The Institute’s primary goal is to simplify collaborative research efforts in order to speed new therapies to market. Through a campus-wide R&D network, the Institute is establishing and promoting formalized processes for:

  • Conducting multi-site clinical trials under the guidance of a single, central IRB
  • Sharing labs, equipment, biospecimens and other resources
  • Educating IRB members, researchers and research assistants
  • Selectively sharing data among TMC institutions and with external parties
  • Improving quality and safety to enhance patient care

In addition, the Institute will serve as Contract Research Organization for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device partners. With 56 institutions and about 8 million annual patient encounters, the Texas Medical Center offers an unrivaled environment for quickly turning revolutionary theories into real-world therapies.